Monday, January 25, 2010

Demax Restaurant (港式小食館) - muntah darah!

Demax Restaurant (港式小食館) @ D' Piazza Mall

It's Sunday night. Four tables (including our table) were occupied at that moment. About 7.40pm.

We ordered a steamed siakap (RM28), 冰梅排骨 (ice plum pork ribs) (RM8) and lor hon zhoi.
The drinks were served about 5 mins later.
Later another 20 mins, our first dish was served. Nah, this is the one. Not bad lah but not as 'sour' as we expected loh.

Then, another 15 mins gone and we were still waiting for our second dish. I closed my eyes wanna sleep already!!! At that time it's 8.35pm already! Look below , we were still waiting... 25 mins gone liao!


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