Saturday, January 02, 2010

Stewed Beef Noodle / Ngau Lam Min (牛南麵)

Stewed Beef Noodles @Lai Seng Kopitiam, Kampong Malabar, 10100 Penang. (日本新街)

Whenever coming to making decision which to order at this stall, I never fail to ditch wan ton mee and GO for ngau lam mee instead. :)

A small bowl like this in the pic below is priced at RM3. It's worth.

Whenever savouring this ngau lam at this kopitiam, I couldn't help cursing some of those stalls XXX or YYY which are selling stewed beef rice or noodles which are really beh khi one.

I like the ngau lam mee (which I term it as "carnivorous" dish) is being neutralized with green vegetables.(more.....)

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