Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aftermath of Foh San

Foh San (New Location) @ Ipoh

A few of my previous visits back in Foh San (old premise) was wonderful ones, like Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part I) and Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part II) .

This time driving down the Jalan Leong Sin Nam, halfway through, "Wah, how come out of a sudden, one such 'grand' unit bulging out like that in the middle ? So not matching one heh?! " :)

Reaching there around 11a.m. See? The waitress somemore got time to put her hand around her waist. A LOT OF vacant tables loh! :p

Perhaps I was still stuffed with earlier breakfast, therefore other than the egg tarts and the char siew pau, the rest I really felt SO SO.


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