Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dragon-i The Curve

Dragon-i @ The Curve

The trip was meant for IKEA only (one and half days short trip) thus two days consecutively having meals at The Curve made me even more pek chek! :)

At The Curve, all those "NOT AVAILABLE" items in Dragon-i Penang Queensbay become "AVAILABLE". SYIOK!

The only drawback is the whole restaurant seemed to be rather warm. :(

香菇麵筋拉麵 (RM13++). Cheng cheng tei, so ngam me! I hunger for vege badly after having so much meat at the Ying Ker Lou the day before. I will order this again when back to Queensbay!

花旗參冬瓜燉雞湯 (RM16++). Due to the allergy phobia, that's how this soup (CHICKEN) comes about. :) I couldn't live without soup!

臘腸北菇滑雞蒸飯 (RM15++) . (more.....)

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