Monday, March 01, 2010

Demax Restaurant (Food Review)

Demax Restaurant (港式小食館) (Food Review)

I decided to give the new management a chance after seeing those responses shooting and flying all over the places at the previous muntah darah post.

Clockwise from Top Left :
Detox health drink 排 毒 健 康 飲 品 (Carrot, cucumber, apple, beetroot, celery) RM5.90
滄 海 一 香 Shandy +Champaign + Sea coconut (RM5.90) - I like this one! [My rating : 8/10]
Ice Blended Smoothies Blackcurrant (RM4.50)
Ice Blended Smoothies Mango (RM4.50)
Ice Blended Smoothies Milo (RM4.50)
Fresh Lemon Honey Drink (RM3.50)

Set Lunch : Big Bowl Rice 大碗飯 (comes with Rice + Soup + Drink + Fruit) RM11.90 nett.
Drink choice : Yin Yong Milk Tea, Soya Milk or Lemon Tea.

Some of the choices for Big Bowl Rice are:

Special Fried Fish (Saa Bee Hu) 三味魚. The taste is too strong for me. [My rating : 7/10]

Kong pou Pork . Lack of 'kong pou' in this pork. [My rating : 5/10]

Sweet & Sour Chicken. I found this combination rather weird as normally sweet and sour goes to fish?! [My rating : 5/10]

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