Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kang Beef House (Invited Review)

Kang Beef House @ Perak Road / Jalan Jelutong

Spot for this logo (on your right) immediatly after you turn into Perak Road from Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim ( Jelutong Police Station).

It offers beef steamboat, beef noodle, herbal beef soup, claypot beef soup and ala carte beef dishes.

Jump to steamboat first! It is priced at RM20 per head (minimum 2 persons).

Beef Ribs (牛筋) - I love this the most!

Tenderloin & Sirloin (裡脊肉 /腰部嫩肉, 牛腩)

Beef Balls (darker = rougher texture, lighter = softer texture) . I personally prefer the rougher and darker balls as they are more flavourful (salty and beefy smell).

Beef Intestine (牛百葉)

Raw Meat (生肉)

Beef Tripe (牛肚)

Vege & Enoki Mushrooms

Ready to go! Beh tahan already.....Beef Steamboat [My rating : 8.5/10]

The soup is towards sourish and salty as it uses white radish and kiam chai (preserved vege)(菜頭﹐咸菜). [My rating : 7/10]


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