Sunday, March 28, 2010

Luck Ee Salted Chicken deliver to office!

Luck Ee Salted Chicken @ Batu Lanchang

檳 城 - 當歸味 (RM20)﹐米酒姜汁味﹐純鹽味﹐廊酒味 (RM28).
怡保鹽焗雞 (RM18)

After I ta pao once to office for the two tam chiak ladies to taste, I was pressured several times by them to buy again.

*Hey, guys! Seriously, in order to do this, I need to speed down to the shop, buy and handcarry the chicken back (during peak lunch hours when traffic is bad), and it must be in time for them to eat before lunch break time is over. *

I tried my luck to call Luck Ee up and see if it got delivery service. Luckily, YES! They will deliver if we can collect about 4-5 birds in one delivery. Each bird charges RM1 for delivery. If more, please negotiate with them.

We ordered 10 birds of 當歸味 (tong kwai flavour). This type has slight gravy (if compared to Ipoh original flavour which is rather dry) and best served with rice! If you can bring good fragance rice to cook at office, then it gonna be great!

The packaging now is like this.

Aluminium foil.

Whole bird. Recommend two persons to share one bird. Of course you can have the whole bird by your own, but beware of getting very thirsty afterwards.

Easily split to share.(more.....)

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