Tuesday, March 16, 2010

奶黃流沙包 from Dragon-i

奶黃流沙包 Steamed Egg Yolk Custard Bun @ Dragon -i (ta pao)

A bunch of us missed the taste of 奶黃流沙包 (Nai Huang Liu Sha Bao) since our last poon-tiuk lunch at Dragon-i two weeks ago. Therefore last Friday we not only talk, but action also! Order loh!

Three buns cost RM6.00++ = RM6.90 nett. CKA!!!

Seriously, this is my first time seeing their take-away bag. Sua par kow hor?!

How big it is? Nah...small only.

Packed nicely, three buns in one container. But.....er.....not that eco-friendly hor?

The skin is sooooo thin!

The take away version is not as steaming hot as the ones we had on the spot at Dragon-i. Those we had there easily 噴奶 (splashing custard cream)!

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