Friday, August 20, 2010

Caffe Strada (Invited Review)

A bunch of us were invited to Caffe Strada last Sunday. The restaurant owner stressed that Caffe Strada is not a FINE DINING restaurant but rather a place to get together with family or friends, for spending quality time and having a simple dishes or two.
Green Garden Salad (RM8.90)
-Lettuce, capsicum, onion, croutons, sun flower, seed, egg and smoked chicken, served with house salad dressing.
Seafood Chowder in Bread Bowl (RM15.90)
-Chunks of seafood are simmered with potatos, onions, celery, real heavy cream and a touch of butter. Served in bread bowl.
Asian Delights
Kung Pao Chicken (RM9.90) (more......)

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