Tuesday, August 10, 2010

*我接受唔到囉!* Tsuruya & Khunthai

During the first week of August, I was treated at these two restaurants which I found out to be under my expectation.

Firstly, it is Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant @ E-Gate.
The set dinner menu is full of meat (chicken, pork and beef) dishes. I couldn't find something more towards tempura-sashimi combination type that attracted me. The mix and match choices are not versatile enough, compared to other Japanese restaurants.我接受唔到囉! All of us had a pretty hard time in deciding which item to order.
Nabe Kaisen Kimuchi Tofu Set (Claypot Kimuchi Tofu with Seafood) RM28
80% tofu with limited seafood items. If not mistaken, er........only clams?!
Kushi Katsu & Kare Raisu Set (RM26)
Stewarded deep fried pork cutlet, jap curry rice. SHE said such combination made her 'jilak' after halfway eating through.
Tempura Soba (RM18) . This one is from the ala carte menu. SHE complained it was simply too plain, no taste?! (more.............)

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