Sunday, August 29, 2010

Matsuki Japanese Restaurant (松本日本料理)

Matsuki Japanese Restaurant (松本日本料理) @ Cantonment Road, off Gurney Drive.
Japanese restaurants with affordable sashimi price and above average quality are getting less and less. Therefore Matsuki still carries weight even though I have explored lots of Jap restaurants.
Just imagine over here we can still order Teriyaki Chicken Set at the price of as low as RM12+!!
Complimentary appetizer with green tea.

Sashimi Mori Sakura (Special mixed raw fish) RM40+

At Azuma this type of sashimi set (although not exactly the same combo/standard) easily costs you RM70+.

Here's the complete ala carte sashimi menu of Matsuki for your reference.
Ala Carte Sashimi
Sashimi Mori Special (special imported mixed raw fish) RM70
Sashimi Mori Fuji (Special imported & local mixed raw fish) RM58
Sashimi Mori Sakura (Special mixed raw fish) RM40
Sashimi For One (mixed raw fish) RM22
Shake Sashimi (raw salmon) RM35
Maguro Sashimi (raw tuna) RM28
Amaebi Sashimi (raw sweet shrimp) RM32
Ika Sashimi (raw squid) RM15
Suzuki Sashimi (raw red snapper) RM10
Saba Sashimi (raw mackeral) RM12
Tako Sashimi (raw octopus) RM18
Akagai Sashimi (raw arkshell) RM50
Hokigai Sashimi (raw shell) RM50

Unagi Set (B.B.Q Japanese eel with special sauce) RM30+  (more......)

Hop over to Matsuki Japanese Restaurant (松本日本料理) for full view of this post.