Thursday, August 19, 2010

台北 Taipei 101 台湾料理 Taiwan Cuisine

I was attracted by GuangMing and friends' recommendation - 'cheap'  BUT is it good?! Let's review and see.
I believe this is related to Mommy Wang as the back of their menu book was having the imprint of this wording. The Queensbay Mommy Wang outlet also has changed its name to 台北 Taipei 101 台湾料理.
招牌珍珠奶茶 (Pearl Milk Tea) RM3.50. Normal light pearl milk tea. Not consistent in the pearls' texture from my two different visits. Once was having hardness in core and another time was very soft.
木瓜牛奶(Papaya Milk Shake) RM3.90 . Use the real papaya to blend therefore you can taste the healthy, rich and thick papaya juice.  Impressed.
招牌甘梅地瓜(Sweet Potato with Plum) RM4.00
Deep fried sweet potato then sprinkled with sour plum powder. One of the light snacks that impressed me too.

醉鸡砂煲饭 (Drunken Chicken Claypot Rice) RM8.90. (more...............)

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