Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yer...Why Winter Warmers always like this one?!

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House @ Queensbay
I was happily entering the newly opened Winter Warmers at Queensbay on last Friday, who knows......it's another 'warm' experience again. (Previous posts at Winter Warmer – our WARM experience! and Winter Warmer Set Meal ).
In summary, they couldn't cope with the stream of customers (at ~2pm). Mind you, I observed same 'face' (management) as Gurney Plaza's outlet one.
1) Dishes were uncleared on the tables unless you called them to do so.
2) Repeated times to request for ordering.
3) There are simply too many partitions and obstructions in the restaurant that the waitresses /waiters could harldy notice you especially during such 'cannot-cope' situation.
4) I saw a number of tables requesting to leave immediately if the dishes they ordered were still not prepared.
5) I saw one of the persons in charge kept on apologizing to the customers for their late delivery of dishes and etc.
6) He showed you a very 'discouraging' look when you walked up to him to ADD order.

It was having Jasmine tea 50% discount promotion for members.
Jasmine Blossom (Orig price RM9.90 -50% = RM4.95)

Jasmine Milk Tea (Orig price RM9.90 -50% = RM4.95). Hmm...this one tasted better than the above one.
Mango Chicken Rice (RM13.90 - 10% = RM12.51)


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