Friday, October 13, 2006


This week we gonna eat 'keat keat' wor coz this Mr.iao lur working shift one has come to day shift. We gonna bring this fellow to those restaurants he missed for the past few weeks lah.

Nyonya Cafe @ Ideal Avenue. Unlike last time, we sat in the front portion of the restaurant this round. 5x of us ordered nasi ulam, nasi lemak, nyoya vege.

 Nyonya 02

 Nyonya 01

We visited this one before. Little Castle loh. Tuesday set is Teppanyaki Chic / Fish comes with green tea (hot/cold), tomato soup and pudding. Ala carte also available. (Note : Friday no set menu) *so pandai pilih heh, Tuesday set is the most expensive one leh. RM12.90 nett*

 Nyonya 01

See or not? It's definitely a sizzling 'hot' day......:)
 Nyonya 01