Saturday, October 14, 2006

Like this punya curry fish head?!

Come on! Look carefully the dishes below.

Chee Wah Curry Fish Head 01

Chee Wah Curry Fish Head 02

The fish head itself costs RM30. Total cost is RM49 including all the other 4x economic-rice-stall-standard kinda dishes (pic above).

This one memang katok orang mia! The price doesn't tally with the food quality / taste at all. One time is more than enough, don't you ever expect us to pong chan 2nd time. Katok lah, katok lah, katok only one time nia loh. Somemore service very no good, very hao lian that kind.

The curry fish head was advertised to be so and so ho liao lah, 25 yrs of history lah, blah blah blah blah blah etc. "Thunder bigger than rain drops"! Hah! It can't even beat a single hair of our MAKCIK's curry fish head @ Permatang Damar Laut. With the fish head size shown in pic above, the most Makcik will charge us is RM15-RM20. Somemore very yummylicious, the curry and the fish was two-become-one so perfectly matched! This chee wah one you totally not able to taste the 'sweet' taste of the fish coz they never c-o-o-k the fish inside the curry.

大排档菜色,酒楼似收费 (economic stall dishes, high class restaurant price)! This si peh chiu chuak shop is located at XX Curry Fish Head (台牛后XX Curry 鱼头)@ Malay Street.