Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Continue enjoying...

This week supposed to be a long holiday but then the Singaporean clients also took the opportunity flocked to Penang, especially those hobbyists who wanted to earn side income. Other than that, also got relatives came visiting us from Seberang.

With them along of course I got no chance to snap photos already loh during lunch / dinner. :) *pai seh lah*

Batu Maung Seafood Village @ Jalan Baru Batu Maung – this one is a reasonably priced seafood zhu char compared to 财海鲜 (Cai Hai Xian), which is also located at the same row. Cai Hai Xian will KATOK you if they see you bringing outstation kaki. Comparatively, Cai Hai Xian’s price is at least 50% higher with the same dishes ordered.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant (新琼安饭店). 2, Chulia Lane, 10200 Penang. (04-2614786). It has been a very (10x) long time since we last visited Shing Kheang Aun, since we moved away from town, at least 15 years already. Waaaaaa such a long pause huh!

Mind you, don't judge the restaurant by its look OK?! *wink* You can never expect the price to be 'cheap' loh if you were to order their famous curry fish. Its famous curry fish – got ‘tao teh’fish only har, haha! So please don't kiu kiu jiang (yell loudly) when you pay. :p This also applicable to those simple Hainanese dishes har. The service is still as good as last time when his father was still around, I mean the current taukeh’s father. Shing Kheang Aun’s cooking style is like our Lok Tai Ku @ Burmah Road last time. At Shing Kheang Aun, you may wonder how come there are always so many people WILLING to stand outside waiting to be seated. Well, that’s the CHARM of this restaurant loh. That’s the hainanese genuine taste that we old customers miss to have. :)

好好冷气餐厅 (Double Good Restaurant) @ 26, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang (Malvest) (04-6434188). This is the restaurant which its style is similar to Fang Yuan Restaurant @ Jalan Tengah. Ha! because the tau chiu are from Fang Yuan previously. know...*wink* The food quality is good and yet the price is reasonable. The banner written there "酒楼似菜色,大排挡收费!" Hmm....I agree.

Double Good
Clockwise : 海味沙煲, 清炒蕹菜,红烧排骨 (Hoi Mei Sha Pou, Fried kangkung, Hung Xiu Pai Kuat)

Chai Koay - Sin Soon Lee Restaurant @ Jawi (closed on every Wed)

韭菜果 (Ku Chai Koay)

Jawi Chai Koay

Jawi Chai Koay 02

Jawi Chai Koay 03

Swui Tee Tau Kua

Char Tang Hoon