Monday, October 23, 2006

Kham Khee Beef Steamboat

Since our Ipoh trip was not possible due to the hotel was fully booked, so OK lah, save the money up for food hunting in Penang instead loh. :)

鉴记火锅 (Kham Khee Restaurant), Gottlieb Road.

Beef Soup Steamboat - 超赞! All the ingredients inside were from cows ah.

Jian Ji steamboat - Beef Soup
Beef slices.

Jian Ji steamboat - Beef slices
And others that come with the package.

Jian Ji steamboat - Others
It's not usual to find steamboat restaurant that offers beef soup. This restaurant does!

Jian Ji steamboat -Menu (soup base)

All from cows......

Jian Ji steamboat -Menu (I)

Of course got many others more....

Jian Ji steamboat -Menu  (II)

It has been at least 4 yrs since I last visited this Nanyang Chinese Cuisine (南洋美食馆) @ Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, near the Armenian Street. Opposite the Yap Temple.

Yap Temple

Yap Temple 01
Yap Temple 02

Nanyang Chinese Cuisine

Nanyang 01 clockwise : 炒茨粉,方猪脚, 肉羹, 豆干炒蒜, 炒冬粉 (char zhu hoon, hong tu kar, bak kee, tao kua char suan na, char tang hoon)
Nanyang 02