Monday, October 09, 2006

The best mushroom soup

Yy told me that the JL Gourmet Cafe in Prangin serves the best mushroom soup that she ever tasted in town. She said the western set menu is reasonably priced worths RM14.90 nett including that mushroom soup wor. Since we were there for shopping during the weekend therefore we took the chance to pong chan loh.

JL Gourmet Cafe. Prangin Mall. Level 4. Opposite Oasis Cafe.

JL Gourmet
Mushroom soup (Yes, it is really special coz every scoop is full of blended herbs and mushrooms (4 types). It's their Zhao Pai dish.

Poached Fish Florentine. Herbs Butter Fish. Dessert pandan pudding.
JL Gourmet Set Menu Dishes

Tai Tong Restaurant, Lebuh Cintra. The food serving is big and cheap.:)

Tai Tong Restaurant
Sin Kim Sua, Macalister Rd.

Sin Kim Sua