Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bad attitude

"How am I supposed to know what you want to eat?"
"Special ah? how about xx abalone, yy abalone, xx shark fin, yy shark fin uh?"
and a lot more of sarcastic & unfriendly tones how she answered / treated customers when ordering food.

This was the attitude of one lou mian zhao dai(楼面招待) (see pic above) we encountered at this restaurant called Xin Hai Xiang (新海香) in Taman Tambun Indah - when we just asked her to introduce some dishes for us since it's our first time there. I think this is a very basic and normal way of ppl asking for introduction. Did we ask anything wrong? She acted as if "you must know what to order if you want to come and eat at this restaurant, if not what for you come to my restaurant huh?!"

When the kid accidentally dropped the tissue box on the floor, she walked past the table, picked it up and THREW it(!) onto the next table. SHE THREW IT, man! *Wahlau ei....... *

The food was good BUT not the attitude of this lady. OK, let's forget about this lady!

Clockwise : 鸭芋, 中国菜心, 炒皇帝面, 石甲淋酸 (yam duck, china choy sum, char huang di mian, siakap lum swee).

Xin Hai Xiang 01
See the way they captured the insects boh? :)
Xin Hai Xiang 02
How come we ended up at this shop leh? We went to visit our relatives at Taman Sukun, Bkt Mertajam lah. We planned to have lunch later at the following shop (near to Tambun go-back- to-penang exit) one. If it's not because of the shop below not opened, we could have escaped from that lady above, ha! :) This shop was not located at the road side but hiding somewhere inside, therefore you won't know of its location if not somebody directing you there. time ba! 野味 !

Ye wei
Northam Beach Cafe @ Kelawei road. (Poh Piah, sui kao wan than, chic chop). Yummy yummy yummy ......
Northam beach cafe