Monday, February 23, 2009

Kozue Japanese Restaurant

Kozue Japanese Restaurant @ Plaza Gurney (opposite Kim Gary)

YY and I ended up choosing this place for our gathering lunch. How come my executive set lunch @ 32 is not realizable uh?! :(
Interior Deco - almost similiar to 风味情 FengWeiQing (Taiwan food restaurant) at basement. High classic style.

Set Lunch Menu started from as low as RM14++.

Inaniwa Udon (RM15.00++) - Adui....small portion loh....This is a cold noodle dish. Taste wise, very smooth and delicate. I was 'imagining' my friend eating gold strings right at that moment. :p

Unagi Tempura Set (RM22.00++) - Adui......small piece loh! *OK lah, I know...rental expensive mah....I know I know...:) *


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