Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Warmer - our WARM experience!

Story goes like this........

After having lunch @ Kozue, we proceeded to Winter Warmer after finishing ronda @ MPH. We were seated right at the most inner side of the restaurant. Oh....later on then only we found out that," Gosh, this is the most 'unwanted' area lah, no wonder it's vacant lah. Haha!" as it's poorly ventilated with air-cond.

W said," Hey, I order for you that mixed fruit juice in jar one ah OK boh?" almost at the same moment when I realized that my purse went missing. I was very 'mang' odi,"Up to you dear, just order whatever you wanna order. I need to go to carpark to look for my purse liao! "

The mixed fruit jar came almost the same time when W sms'ed me, "Got!" (indicating my purse was left in her car).

When W came back, she said," Hey, how come hot one? I thought I ordered cold one just now?"

Since I didn't pour any out from the jar yet so we thought may be we could asked for a change if it's a mistake. We checked with the waitress. W flipped through the menu saying,"Isn't it I ordered this one just now?" The waitress showed that 'face' you know....."Nope, if you want the cold one, it's this page (flip to the next page)."

W murmured,"but just now I asked for cold one..." .

I pong hao,"Never mind lah, it's OK. But would it be possible to change to cold one since we haven't drunk any?"

The waitress shaked her head indicating "NO". A few seconds later, she said," I try to go and ask for you lah."

Later she came back with the same answer,"Sorry, cannot". Well, it's OK then, since it's 'OUR' fault.

W later on still insisted,"Just now I got ask her 'COLD one right?' and she said 'Yes' you know...." . OK lah, never mind lah. Might be she was too busy couldn't pay 100% attention to what we ordered leh.

We wanted to ask for additional cups but none of the waiters and waitresses seemed to be paying attention to this hidden corner. I went to the counter myself to ask for cups then. The counter guy gave me a set of cup + plate.

About 20 mins later, Y joined in. This time she ordered the correct 'version' of iced mixed fruit with request of additional cup in advance. This time the waiter brought us just a cup without a plate.

Whenever we wanted to ask for a favour or place an order, we got to wait rather long to get them entertaining us.

I thought of using my Winter Warmer member card to redeem that set lunch. After waiting for a rather long time for this enquiry, then only "Oops...that 'free meal' can be redeemed on weekdays only."

"Oops, sorry gals! No free meal for you ppl liao! Order lah." I said.

Again, it's another long waiting time before we could actually get somebody to place our order.

Mixed Fruit Cocktail (RM8.91++ after 10% discount) - remember this 'cocktail' is meant for HOT serving one ah!

Iced Mixed Fruit (RM8.91++ after 10% discount) - Look carefully ah...must not chae kong, must flip to the page behind then only confirm. This is the correct one! :)


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