Monday, February 09, 2009

Louis Cafe @ Argyll Road

Louis Cafe @ Argyll Road

Thanks to Lingzie for arranging this food review session, arranged by Mdm Teoh from Louis Cafe.

Scallop Salsa - RM20 - Seared sea scallops with apple salsa. One can easily finish up this dish within minutes. :)

Classic Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon - RM18 - this caesar salad is 300% better than the one I had before at TGIF(!), HMM! Why I said so? coz for this one its parmesan cheese didn't steal the limelight of the greens like what the TGIF did (like eating every single leaf with SALT, YUCK!).

Our House Rules Organic Garden Greens - RM15 -organic fresh mixed green salads.

We were served with 5 different types of soup. They were (clockwise) Cream of Tomato (RM9), Cauliflower (RM9), Broccoli (RM9), Mushroom (RM10) and Pumpkin(RM9).

All of them were good. The cream of tomato is rather appetizing as it's sour. I personally like the broccoli the most. The taste of cauliflower one is the most plain out of all.

Pumpkin soup is the second one that I like. It's sweet. *Did you notice how delicate a guy's hand can be?! OMG! Jealous nia...*

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