Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kim Gary 条桥得喔!

Kim Gary @ Queensbay Mall

*This post is not going to talk about Kim Gary's food quality but how I am impressed with its business strategy instead.*

We went to Kim Gary on two consecutive two days. The second day's photos were accidentally deleted, tangan gatal loh me :p!

I believe Kim Gary's way of promoting its membership is successful. RM15 life time membership with different rates of discounts on weekdays and weekends respectively, birthday 50% off for a total of 6x guests, lucky draw participation for every month, monthly discount coupons and etc - Wow! So interesting neh! To be honest, it's considered worthy. I could still remember how the fate of my Winter Warmer member card is......Oh no!!! :(

The lunch sets and ala carte dishes are all at economic pricing scale, somemore the variety of dishes displayed at the menu could have made you PENING and undecided each time during placing order!

Clockwise :
HK style baked rice with cheese (RM16.90) set comes with soup & dessert.
Supreme mix grill curry (RM14.90)
Four Season noodles set (RM7.90) - ordered the one with zha choy (榨菜), ended up very salty, BIG mistake!
Korean hot & spicy noodle (RM13.90) set comes with soup & dessert.

I was not attracted to the taste of Kim Gary's food BUT I got to admit that I was very impressed with the pricing (for us the da gong zai ( 打工仔) and also the stacks of menu given to you(!) when you are seated. 眼花缭乱!

The drinks that came with the lunch sets were considered L size oi. Seriously, that's one of the reasons that made Kim Gary standing out.

One more attractive point is on how the discount /service charge is calculated when you present the member card. The discount is given immediately after the subtotal. By doing so, the service charge (which is 10%) imposed on the discounted subtotal is less than what we normally gonna pay at other restaurants. Although this could be negligable but to consumers like us leh, SYIOK liao!

Four Season instant noodle - Nah, the one which you can easily get at Jaya Jusco loh.

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