Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Kolok Mee from Kuching!

Nomadgourmand, watch this! Me too having air-flown KOLOK MEE from Kuching, Sarawak!

The one which I was having is char siew sauce version without minced pork. (The buyer purposely omitted this for the sake of keeping them overnight for the next day's consumption).

Kolok mee is such a simple dish, without vegetables like choy sum. The most is 5x ingredients (char siew, minced pork, onion, noodles, oil) without vegetables. The most you could see is perhaps sprinkled with some spring onions.

You need to be able to endure oiliness in order to eat this kolok mee. If not, you will be feeling oh-so-oily-oh(!) right after eating half packet of it. Taste wise, a bit sweet.

The noodles are curly. Mind you, I used to order my Sarawak Laksa with this type of noodle(!) so that I got to taste both my favourite items (the mee of Kolok mee and also the laksa of Sarawak laksa).

The photos below show you our version of kolok mee after overnight-then-reheat-in-microwave.


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