Sunday, August 23, 2009

中華小廚 (Zhonghua Restaurant)

中華小廚 (Zhong Hua Restaurant)@ Midlands Park Centre

" must be like May Garden sort of, 大酒樓 pricing standard, not like ordinary ppl can patronize frequently one or at least not that affordable to da gong zai like us one." This is what used to refrain me from entering this restaurant. *paisey*

I stepped into it on Wednesday. Oops. And guess what?! I was happily-willingly- 'chopped'.

Seasoned carrots (酸菜) RM2.00 . I thought this type of dish is F.O.C?! Oh now I see that it's not apparently!

Amaranth braised with double mushrooms (苋菜炒雙菇) RM20.00 [My rating 9.5/10]
FABULOUS! Normally people go for Shiong Tong (上湯)style but I opted for "braised with double mushrooms" instead (since the menu there listed a few cooking choices). Mind you, this is a very good choice oh! A hem! Price wise, also increase a lot more RM lah. :)

The amaranth leaves were fresh and I didn't actually believe that the combination of the double mushrooms with this vege could be this great until I had it. I was impressed to see the mushrooms cuttings too. Being cut across the stem part (which is usually hard) and yet all tasted slippery soft.

Fried Pork Ribs with Pepper Salt (椒鹽排骨) RM16.00 [My rating 3/10]

This is a wrong choice. The fried pork ribs were simply too DRY to swallow and tasted rather bland. Perhaps we should go for other cooking styles and definitely not this pepper salt style!

Herbal Chicken Soup (烏雞湯)[My rating : 8/10]
We ordered soup of the day. They serve you in individual bowl. This is for one person serving, each bowl like this is RM12.00。*eyebrow raised* At one time I thought I was transported back to Jade Blossom Imperial 宮廷 dishes. :)


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