Monday, August 03, 2009

中國民間瓦缸煨湯餐館 Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup (Part III)

中國民間瓦缸煨湯餐館 - Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup @ Fairwood Cafe, Sungai Ara

I guess when I have finished trying out all the soup here one fine day, I'll be qualified to come out with one SPECIAL edition (專輯) huh? No?! :p

This time I tried out the more common ones that we used to cook at home too.

Pork Rib Soup with Old Cucumber & Barley (老黃瓜薏實排骨湯) RM16. This one alone is good enough to serve with your rice as it got lao timun and meat, need not order additional side dishes loh.

黑豆花生豬腳湯 (Pig Leg Soup with Black Beans & Ground Nuts) RM16.
This one is great for those who like to eat pig legs! No stingy on the ingredients for sure.


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