Thursday, August 06, 2009

Aozora Japanese Restaurant - Mad but entertained!

Aozora Japanese @ Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus.

Story telling time AGAIN!!!!! Why my luck is bad whenever a birthday session is on uh?!

The chinese name of the restaurant is 青空高級日本餐廳 (so called "Aozora High Class Japanese Restaurant"), therefore I expected TOP CLASS service and food quality from them.

It's raining heavily and the restaurant was 3/4 full house.

Hokkigai Sashimi RM38.
They were fresh but six thin small pieces cost this much ?! *sigh* Adui, I couldn't help benchmarking this with Aji Noren one (OK lah, you wanna say "different class mah", right?!).

Frankly, they were really fresh!

The menu shows BENTO dishes like this. No side dishes listed at any areas within the page. Therefore I did not know whether if the bento served here is full set or three quarter set?

Alright, never mind.....I can ask mah," This bento got come with rice one ah?"
He said,"Yes, come with one rice one."

There was a table of four beside us.
The papa ordered soba set. He waved at the waiter," How come when I cracked open the egg and stirred into the soup, there are these little dark things inside one? like stones one leh! See? Can you please replace the egg and soup ?"
The waiter said,"OK."

While waiting for replacement, the mama wanted to order sake.
Papa waived at the waiter for sake menu.
The mama asked, "What's the difference between Qian Shui (千歲) and Wan Shui(萬歲)?"
The waiter brought a bottle of sake and explained, " Blah...blah..blah........."
It seemed like the explanation was not convincing enough that the papa started to 'signal' her wife by raising the eyebrows.
The wife quickly said, "OK lah, ok lah...we take this one!" before her hubby trying to complain again.

Tempura Bento (RM42) .

When our bento sets were served, coming along were one miso soup and one plate of fruit. NO OTHER THINGS ELSE. My rice leh?!

Unagi Bento RM42
The unagi served in this bento set was S-size one. It got M-size deep fried soft shell crab though!

The sashimi was fresh and served in THICK slices. About 1.2cm to 1.5cm thick leh! I was lucky to get one super long and thick one too! See below?


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