Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Da Ban Restaurant (大班中國風味館) II

Da Ban Restaurant (大班中國風味館)@ Jalan Zainal Abidin (off Macalister Rd, the road beside UMNO building)

Last Saturday I re-visited this Da Ban after reading the article from local newspaper of late. Its name has been changed from 大班火鍋 Da Ban Steamboat Restaurant to 大班中國風味館.

One unpleasant thing is the serving portion here is standard (BIG), no matter you come in two or six persons loh :( . See the name is called DA BAN (大班) mah, so got to have such hei pai (氣派)lah!
It's advisable to come in 4 pax and above, or else you got to cari lubang to swallow all in! Another thing is they often use gingers in their dishes, therefore if you are one who doesn't like ginger then perhaps it's OH-NO for you!
Homemade Dumpling (北方水餃) . Pure minced pork dumpling.
I like its thin skin. Other than that, eating the minced pork stuffed alone was rather plain loh.

Chinese Herbal Pig Liver Soup (枸杞豬肝湯). The soup is OK with kei chee, ginger shreds and pig liver. The pig liver is fresh, cooked just right, not like those too hard due to over-cooked one nor too soft or lembik until can see the blood one.

Fried Pork Rib with Pineapples (鳳梨排骨). This is pretty different from normal good ones (for example like 晋美茶行(馆) (Chin Bee) one). This Da Ban version tasted really FRIED with skinny flesh externally. You may not like it oh! (more.....)

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