Sunday, August 02, 2009

Canton Gourmet (唐人街咖啡廳)

Canton Gourmet 唐人街咖啡廳 @ Krystal Point

Don't you ever use either Canton-i or Dragon-i standard here. This one has nothing to do with either of them and is far affordable in terms of price. You got to be ready giving 'discounts' on your expectation if you plan to head over for this restaurant though.

Vegetable Spring Rolls 春卷 5pcs (RM5.90) . This one is far better than the one I had at Coffee Island before. One piece was 'stolen' fast enough before I managed to shoot. :)

Pork Ribs Rice (秘製排鼓王飯) RM6.90 . This is a pretty standard type of lunch set. the rice/porridge is in the range of RM5.90 - RM8.90.

Mushroom Shanghai Noodles Soup (鮮菇上海面) RM5.90 . I actually did not expect to be served with such button mushrooms from cans as its main source of mushrooms. Luckily the noodles were not too bad. The addition of BROCCOLI reminded me of my days back in US though! Argh!


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