Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taipei Food Avenue

Taipei Food Avenue @ Prima Tanjung

It's been ages since I last stepped into Taipei Food Avenue. From this visit, I am relieved to find out that it still remains the quality like last time!

I used to order set but this time we wanted to taste more by ordering single item.

Pearl Milk Tea (RM3.50 each) . I like the pearls here as they do not have the 'hard' core within.

All the food below are in the price range of RM7-RM10. Service charge of 5% applies.

鍋貼 Fried Dumpling. Not that oily as I thought, suit my taste!

八寶飯 (Pat Pou Fan) . When it's served, I was kinda suspicious " that one ah?! Taste ei khi beh khi ah?"

After eating then only I realized this dish was in fact better than normal fried rice. Every spoonful seems to be so healthy!

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