Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Noodle Station Kulim (Beverage Part)

Noodle Station @ Kulim Landmark Central, Kulim (Invited Review) - continue

If you browse through the Noodle Station's menu, you will find a great choices of beverages available there. A total of 164 items in there. Wow!

Categories of beverages are :
Espresso Drinks, Iced Coffee Drinks, Coffee Blended, Gourmet Tea Drinks, Gourmet Iced Tea Drinks, Hot Drinks, Iced Drinks, Milk Shake, Non-Coffee Blended, Fruit Sorbet, Station Smoothies, Soda Cooler, Mocktail, Juice and Soft Drinks.

Left row (from front to back) :
Mango Sorbet (No.201) RM6.00
Kiwi Sorbet (No. 202) RM6.00
Mango Snow (No. 208) RM7.50 = Blended With Fresh Mango & Topped With Sago
Sunrise (No. 209) RM 8.00 = Mango Juice & Orange Juice & Strawberry, Yogurt Blended

Mango Snow is my TOP 1 favourite among all the mango beverages (highlighted in pink) as I simply love its super rich mango flavour in this drink.

Front row (left to right) :

I Love You Lemonade (No. 223) RM 3.50 =Blue Curacao & Passion Fruit
Raspberry Truffle Italian Soda (No. 226) RM 4.50 = Cho & Raspberry Syrup
Angel Face (No. 230) RM8.00 =Lemon, Blue Curacao & Lychee With Soda .

I Love You Lemonade is pretty special in taste. The first sip tasted rather weird, but continuous drinking brought me surprise. It's either you-like-it or you-hate-it.

Avoid ordering Raspberry Truffle Italian Soda if you are not daring enough to take risk. :)

Ice Age (No. 212) RM 8.00. This iced smoothies is pretty sweet with Vanilla, Blue Curacao & Black Currant Juice, Yogurt all blended in one.

Au Natural (No. 181) RM 6.00 . Raspberry & Lemon Iced Drinks. This one tasted like lemon-ice kacukan. Go for Iced Ceylon Lemon Tea below if you are not game to try this out! :)


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