Thursday, October 22, 2009

台灣風味 功夫麵 (Taiwan Kung Fu Noodles)

台灣風味 功夫麵 (Taiwan Kung Fu Noodles) @ Pantai Jerjak

I was told that the rest of the stalls at this kopitiam are beh khi, EXCEPT this Taiwan food stall. If you continue to read and find that I only talk about this stall and not the others, then it means TRUE?! :)

Clear illustration of the dishes available at this stall, which is located right at the entrance of the kopitiam.

During my first visit, the one that caught my attention immediately is the KUNG FU NOODLES !

The first time I ordered RM3.00, a small bowl one. The second time, I straightway asked the taukeh nio, "Can make one bowl big one boh?!" and I ordered BIG one, RM4.00. :)

The ingredients seem to be too simple for us to believe that it's HO CHIAK based on this appearance right?!

The chicken breast meat - Oh no, I believe normally when one looks at it, will surely think that it must be 'siap siap' one right?! Well, NOT AT ALL loh! It's been prepared till tender. A surprise to me indeed!

This chilli paste is unique, not too spicy though. It's a super star for this dish! Try it then you'll know why I said so.

I like its curly noodles!

Ah Keat doesn't like noodles. He ordered Kung Fu Rice (RM3.00) instead.
First time he ordered this.

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