Monday, October 05, 2009

Pearl Palace (Invited Review)

Invited Review @ Pearl Palace Chinese Restaurant, Setia Pearl Island Country Club.

Price is not available at the moment of posting. Rating is exclusive of price consideration.

Fish Steamboat 鱼锅 (Medium RM45)

The milky white fish soup base was simply awesome! I love its fresh sweetness coupled with ginger taste. [My rating : 9/10]

You can find some fried fish hidden inside there too.

How could one ever resist such temptation uh?! :) Grouper (koay kow)!

Steamed Beancurd with Salted Egg and Prawn 百花蛋香豆腐蒸凤尾虾 [My rating : 6/10]
(Small RM25, Medium RM35, Large RM45)
The combination of salted egg shreds + beancurd + prawn made this a healthy dish. It's an unusual combination but I personally found that it needs more 'umph'.

Braised Fresh Mushroom with Bamboo Shoots 浓汤竹笙扒玉菇 [My rating : 6/10]

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