Sunday, October 11, 2009

Noodle Station Kulim (Food Part)

Noodle Station @ Kulim Landmark Central, Kulim (Invited Review)

A bunch of us drove to Kulim last Saturday for a series of food hunting events.

The first Noodle Station outlet opened its first day of business in April 2005 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. This Kulim branch was opened this year.

Noodle Station provides a very extensive menu. Their food category alone has a total of 74 items!

1. Springy Noodle Soup With Tom Yam Seafood (No. 32) RM 7.50

The tom yam soup is sweet-based but appetizing enough. No wonder this dish appears to be one of their popular dishes. I ranked it as one of my TOP 3 dishes!

2. Curry Springy Noodle With Prawn & Fish Ball (No. 25) RM 7.50
I rank this dish as one of my Top 3 too. If it could be less salty, then I could have afford to eat it more often!

That's how the springy noodles of Noodle Station look like. Unlike the normal yellow noodles we used to have, its texture is softer and curly (almost similar to our instant noodles). It's rather special to me!

3. Springy Noodle With BBQ Honey Whole Leg Chicken (No. 15) RM 8.00

The presentation of this dish is superb! The whole leg chicken is placed in the middle of the noodles. I prefer the gravy to be more generous so that the noodles can be dipped with garlic sauce too.

4. Springy Noodle With Fried Chicken Dumpling (No. 7) RM 6.50

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