Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chok Dee Thai - Simply Delicate!

Chok Dee Thai @ Burmah Road

Before I finalized to go to this Thai restaurant, I always walked around the office and imitated Thai accent, "Maa Roy Thai...Aroi Thai...Chok Dee Thai..." and they would show the face of "????" or "what the heck?"! at me (this 'siao cha bor' ) as they had no idea at all what I was talking about. (The three names above are actually the names of Thai restaurants at town. I was indecisive which one to bring our US guest to).

On Thursday, we were caught in a downpour on the journey to Chok Dee Thai . Most of us were 80% drenched by the time we reached the entrance but our disgust were soon swept away by the charm and warmth of the taukeh soe and also the DELICATE dishes offered by Chok Dee Thai.

The 'taukeh soe' is a MUST to mention. :) I couldn't take my eyes away from her for the first 10 minutes after I entered the restaurant as I really thought her apperance is 80% resembles the 泰国著名法医普缇(Porntip Rojanasunan)). Don't you think so?! The hairstyle in particular!

The tables in the restaurant were soon 90% filled up within half an hour despite of the heavy rain.
Mr. A, B & C with beers and two ladies with lassi drink and longan drink.

Judging from the serving size at Chok Dee Thai, which is relatively smaller if compared to other Thai restaurants, you may interprete this as MORE expensive too. I got no objection on this. :)

My responsibility is to zha fit ordering all the recommended good dishes to make everyone eat happily. Therefore, trust me dear, I couldn't care less about the price at all! Wahahaaa!!!!

Green Curry Chicken. The green curry is not spicy (according to my level of acceptance) but it's impressive enough. Serving in a small clay bowl, one could easily taste the sense of delicacy in preparing this dish. The curry is cooked finely with tender chicken meat served in small pieces.

I was a bit reluctant when I was introduced Deep Fried Kailan as it always ended up to be TOO OILY from my past experiences at other places. I bet you I would have surely regretted if I didn't order this at that night. At Chok Dee Thai, this dish is far too good! The leaves are very crunchy with minimal oiliness.

Lemon Steamed Fish (clear soup). The soup is superb enhanced by lemon's sourness! We couldn't stop scooping for more and more! The fish is fresh and properly cleaned internally.

Since we have already ordered one fish dish with white/clear soup-based, therefore we were recommended to take Red Tomyam.

Seafood Tomyam (Red). Well! The flavour is better in terms of smoothness and milky fragance if compared to other tomyams. It uses fresh milk(!)


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