Monday, November 30, 2009

Summer Garden Set Lunch

Set Lunch @ Summer Garden

Other than enjoying the cold and cozy ambience Tea break @ Summer Garden, one can actually have his/her set lunch here too.

Teriyaki Salmon RM24 and free a glass of green tea (hot or cold)
Buta Shogayaki RM22 and free a glass of green tea (hot or cold)
Grilled Lamb Cutlet RM28*
Grilled BBQ Chicken RM22*
Tuna Steak RM28*
for the above western set lunch, free a glass of lemon tea (hot or cold)
Add on RM3 for brew coffee.
Price are subject to 5% gov. tax.

Caramel Latte (RM9.80+) . Wow! By just looking at the pattern I would have already 50% impressed. I love the taste and fragance of this latte.

Oxtail Soup 牛尾湯 (RM16.00+) - Malaysian style oxtail soup served with garlic bread. Clear soup base. I will appreciate more if the serving could be larger.

Oriental Chicken 東方風味煎雞腿 (RM25.00+) - fried with aromatic spices, yellow ginger, honey and galangal. This one is far better than the set lunch below.

Set Lunch : Terriyaki Salmon (RM24.00+)


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