Monday, December 04, 2006

Iao Lur Kaki III - Tsuruya Jap Restaurant

5x of us went to Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant (鹤屋日本料理)@ I-Avenue this afternoon.
They got very colourful laminated menus (left) but Oops, too kwee siao for us lah. :) Therefore we switched to its set lunch menu (right).

 Tsuruya menuEntrance with posh. Tsuruya entranceWaterfront with buddha face. Tsuruya buddha waterfront

Lightings deco.

 Tsuruya lanternsWater flows into the pond with flowers. Tsuruya waterfrontInternal seatings look Tsuruya seatingsOur set lunch dishes (clockwise: green tea, qiu dao yu, barbecue chicken, deep fried chicken, chiki ban ban(?), tofu beef) ranged from RM13 to RM20 (excluding 15% tax).  Tsuruya set lunch dishesIn overall, food is really beh than hiam lah if we were not to concentrate on its price. :) The ala carte one kinda kwee siao loh. For example, one bowl of ramen alone costs RM18 liao. One of its competitors at the same area costs the same with some side dishes wor.

So I can kinda complete my I-Avenue restaurant library liao. There were two more which I was told by my friends "chien ban chien ban hmm tang khi try" so.......:) *shrugged*