Friday, December 01, 2006

Auto-City III restaurants

Today supposed to be the day I on leave but then due to sudden change in work schedule (kinda last minute), I got to postpone my visit to Q* (hehe, you know I know lah har, *LOL*) and also re-schedule my pai tee kong time (today is tian xia jit mah). I got to go seberang for plant visit instead.

I took the opportunity to explore the Auto-city III. It's very early in the morning when I took all these restaurants' photos. Hmm.......I was very impressed by its idea of being the one-stop food center. It gonna be like the penang island's E-Gate style but to me this is more 'chio' lah coz each of the restaurant is strategically located side by side in a round shape arena. :) Some of them are in 'bungalow' lots one leh, not kaek kaek like E-gate shop lots in penang loh. :)

Here you go!

The first thing you see when entering ....
Autocity III entrance
Citi-box Karaoke, Amandari Malay Cuisine, Subway
Autocity III Amandari
SOHO - hmm...I heard about SOHO branch's opening in Autocity when we were at AUDEES the other night.
Autocity III SOHO
Sushi King
Autocity III Sushi King
Jiu Jiu Szechuan Restaurant, Seoul Garden
Autocity III Seoul Garden & Jiu Jiu
Takehana Japanese Ramen & Rice Restaurant. (Reading from the email, its menu is exactly the same as Soba Yoshi & Ichyo Ramen & Isshin). Wah....the taukeh conquered the jap restaurant market leh.
Autocity III Takehana
Starbucks Coffee
Autocity III Starbucks

Autocity III Swensen's
TAO, Nando's
Autocity III Nandos and Tao
Old Town White Coffee
Autocity III Old Town
Out of all these choices, don't tell me you got "nothing to eat" loh. I am afraid that you will end up "15-16 don't know which one to choose" instead. :) Bravo!