Saturday, December 16, 2006

Autocity Soho

SOHO @ Autocity III, Juru

Fountain outside SOHO

 Fountain outside SOHO

SOHO External

SOHO menu

 SOHO fish n chip

Fish 'N' Chip RM 14.50++

Soup of the day RM 4.50++

Well, when we were there yesterday, its upstair was booked for a function. Therefore we got to sit downstair. More people were coming in when the day was getting darker and the juru's traffic was getting more jammed (friday night after working hrs). At the end we got to SHOUT to each other instead of TALK. We got to lean forward in order to listen to each other. We need to raise our voice and talk like gaduh! Gosh! It's so damn noisy inside! At last we surrendered and cabut somewhere else to chat.