Friday, December 08, 2006

Iao Lur Kaki IV - Sunway Tunas

For those who dare not put your contact in comment, "THIS IS MY BLOG! You can put any comments as you wish. I write what I saw, I felt, I tasted."

This week other than the previous Jap, we were mainly at Sunway Tunas area.

Four Seasons Tea Restaurant @ Sunway Tunas

This restaurant has changed a few times of proprietors before it becomes this 'Four Seasons'. I guess it should be more or less related to its hidden location. Everything inside the restaurant now is exactly the same as before e.g. the furniture, the layout and etc. Nothing fancy. :)

FYI their main branch is @ Terenggau Road.

The menu is mainly for zhyuu chao. For lunch, we just ordered its ala carte dishes. Price ranged from RM4-RM6.

Four Seasons Menu
Clockwise (Wak Dan Hor Fun, Oyster Noodle, Fried Rice, Hokkien Char). Their servings are big oh.

Four Seasons Ala Carte Dishes

Smell Tasty Restaurant (味之味) @ Sunway Tunas . Mian khi lah.

Wei Zhi Wei
Why?!! Ai.....the story goes like this. My colleague accidentally knocked her glass down and splashed the whole table when she was trying to free some space on the table (How come the glass can fall leh? coz the wooden table is very sticky, difficult to move the plate, bowl, cup & etc. You cannot slide them at all on the table, it got like an adhesive layer on top). We asked them to top up for us. They did by saying no problem. My another colleague got the wrong dish delivered to him (when the food was delivered, she said,"This is (日式) (jap style)" (without mentioning chicken or fish). Well, so he assumed correct lah, he ordered 'jap style' chicken mah. In actual the one she sent over was 日式 fish. After eating a few spoons then only they came and said it's wrong "this is 日式 fish, not chicken, nvm oledi lah hor since you've already eaten". Of coz we did not mind loh, what gonna do right?! At the end of the day, the 'top-up' drink was charged when we settled the bill. :)

Ai....we just wondered lah how come got such people who did not know how to do business one......*tsk tsk tsk*

Restoran Teow Chew Meng @ Sunway Tunas
Teow Chew Meng

Last time I ate before at the off-Jalan Burmah road's branch. I was reluctant to go again coz I turned thirsty for the rest of the day after eating its mee sua tow/ porridge. This time still the same thing happened. The rest also felt the same. So.......I will have to not pong chan again loh since it doesn't suit me. Btw their mee sua tow / porridge all started with RM10 per bowl.