Saturday, December 16, 2006

Auto-City III restaurants (con't)

Yesterday I was at Juru again for work (half a day). Therefore I got the chance to continue my Autocity III exploration. :)

Ah ha....there is this one which I missed out the other day.

My Closet - a boutique hidden somewhere nearby Sushi King/Soho.

 My Closet

More restaurants are opening soon. They are now under renovation stage.

Manhattan Fish Market (next to Oldtown)

Manhattan Fish Market

Segafredo (First shop of Oldtown's row)
There are also these opening-soon restaurants at the other street (citibank side).

Golden Triangle (Thai, Vietnamese & Laosian cuisine) - what is Laosian har?!
Golden Triangle

Hongkie Kopitiam
Hongkie Kopitiam