Friday, December 15, 2006

Laksa Shack @ Q

Laksa Shack Cafe @ Queensbay (LG)

Sarawak laksa -- Seriously I am aiming for this one when Heng told me that my 'sarawak laksa' is finally available at Q. You know what, heng chiok chiok khi chiak, tapi sit bang tui leh (eagerly going there to eat, but coming back disappointedly). I wanted to yell, " Where is my genuine Kuching Sarawak Laksa har??????????"

Reasons being :
1) the paste is too thick. The KCH sarawak laksa doesn't come with such thick soup leh.
2) the chilli paste is wrong. Sarawak laksa doesn't come with such RED chilli paste one.
3) How come got such ingredients one? timun? red chilli? chicken ketul? Mana betul ni?!

Frankly the laksa tasted OK = If you are someone who has never tasted the genuine sarawak laksa IN SARAWAK. Ya, I admit that I am being too perfectionist in this coz I am looking for a GENUINE sarawak laksa lah. I wish everything to be the same as what I used to eat @ KUCHING one! :P

Sarawak Laksa @ 7.90++

Laksa Sarawak
Singapore Laksa @7.90++ (My colleague said no good)

Laksa Singapore
Nyonya Melaka Laksa @7.99++ ( YYg said good).

Laksa Sarawak
They said the Assam Laksa that they tried before also good.
Its normal drinks are priced at RM3.90 mah, so value set - pay RM3 to get this lemon tea drink + one dessert (pudding). Top up RM3 for drink + dessert