Friday, December 01, 2006

Toraya promo chin chia tat!

Since I was already at Bkt Minyak, I dragged the rest to pong chan this Toraya Japanese Restaurant @ Juru (1km from Autocity (Mcdonald)) *turn left at Mcdonald's traffic light*

I was recommended by my colleague of this restaurant's promo. The selling point is its set lunch costs RM9.90++ only (going to end very soon).

Toraya entrance
Set lunch promotion RM9.90++ only (right pic) valid till next fri or sat only har.
Toraya menu
Friday lunch hour mah- most people flocked here for its promo set lunch.
Toraya ambience
The 'bamboo' contained pepper.
 Toraya tables
Promo set lunch - Chicken set
 RM9.90++ Set 3 - Chicken
Promo set lunch - Tempura Udon set (Tempura udon, salad, fruit slices & steamed egg (this one was replaced with tofu instead due to out-of-stock liao)
RM9.90++ Set 2 - Tempura Udon
From what I observed, the restaurant is indeed gaining recognition by doing such RM9.90++ promotion. It's very worthy, no doubt. However there were a few tables of customers really pooh hui on the spot, very chae for loh them, unsatisfied of the restaurant's service due to very long waiting time and dishes were not served in sequencial manner. Ai....kesian, they cho beh lai mah.

Looking at the ala carte menu, the price of the dishes is more or less same as other jap restaurants also lah, not any cheaper. Well, hopefully it will continue to attract customers after the promotion period ends. Gan ba te ne! :)