Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bak mee sua @ Sin Kim Sua

Macalister Sin Kim Sua, Tian Lai & HK dim sum (香港茶樓) kopitiam @ one row, Macalister Road

Bak mee sua @ Sin Kim Sua kopitiam , Macalister Road.

I coudn't believe it! I have blogged about the relau one but not a single post belongs to the Sungai Ara one. How could that have happened uh?! I have never blogged out the Sungai Ara seafood porridge (Bak Moi/Bak Mee Sua) before meh?! Oh mine.... My visit to there must be too frequent last time until I treated it as common.

FYI, the old couple's stall was once at relau 'triangle', then they 'retired' for a few years, then back to 'open stall' at Sungai Ara Taman Taimima here.

Anyway, the main role is the Bak mee sua @ Sin Kim Sua kopitiam for this post. It is good and the soup base is 'sweeter' & thicker. Unlike the relau one, it is more plain.

The lor duck and teochew tau hu @ HK dim sum kopitiam : No need to recommend too lah. If you get tired of bak kut teh soup, try ordering the mixed ingredients with soup one. It is super good!

The HongKong chee cheong fun @ HK dimsum kopitiam : Lao ji hoe liao lah this one, no need to recommend futher. It's exceptionally good. The only difference is every time comes also see the price increases leh. *-*