Tuesday, July 01, 2008

自製麵筋的作法 (The making of gluten)

I only knew about this 'stuff' when msn with Meow the other night talking about vegetarian food. To kill my curiousity, Mum taught me how to do it.

1. 高筋麵粉 + 鹽少許. (flour + salt)
2. 加少許的水. (add some water)
3. 搓揉成麵糰 .邊搓邊加水. (knead and add water bit by bit)
4. 揉好的麵糰靜置至少30分鐘以上. (when finish, left aside idling for >30min)
5. 放進簍里待洗. (put in basket and wash) *
6. 用水沖洗到只剩下麵筋. (wash away the starch until the sticky subtance (gluten) is left)
7. 洗好的麵筋. (the look of gluten after washing)
8. 我不油炸,用水煮.煮的時候讓它維持在小滾的狀態,煮到麵筋浮起. (I don't stirfry. I boil to cook. Maintain at low boiling until the gluten is floating up)
9.加上醬油或喜歡的醬料醃. (season with soya sauce & etc).
10. 切片待煮 (cut into pieces for cooking)

* 漿汁處理方法 (from no.5)
(2)把麵筋水從冰箱取出,把上面比較清澈的部分慢慢倒掉,剩下糊狀的沈澱物,不用倒太乾。用杓子把它攪拌均勻,即是可以做涼皮的漿汁了。 漿汁也可拿來煎餅 .
1) The starch that was filtered out during initial washing can be kept and fridged (at least 4 hours, overnight also can). Let it sink.
2) Remove from fridge, pour away the upper clear portion, the creamy part at bottom can be kept as Jiangzhi (I do not know how to translate this hehe!). It can be used to cook as 'apom' lah!

We don't have to be scared of those xx additives or colourings by making our own gluten. Eat safely lah!