Saturday, July 05, 2008

宜香茶樓飯店 (Yee Heong)

My camera was brought overseas thus I have no chance to snap the pictures for this highlly recommended (by me lah, pai seh) lao-jee-hoe restaurant. *sigh*

There are many lao-jee-hoe (老字號, in hokkien) restaurants in Penang that most of the youngsters would not even know the existence of them unless they were brought there to eat by their parents or senior relatives.For example, Sin Kheng Aun, See Kong Ooi and etc....

This Yee Heong is located at 12 & 14 Campbell Street. This Yee Heong is exactly opposite the wet market, near the cross junction. *well, I understant well that this is a parking-headache location but what to do leh?! *shrugged**

They serve dim sum in the morning and also near noon time they will start serving cantonese zhu char.

Opening hours : 6.00a.m. - 2.30p.m., 5.30p.m.-9.00p.m.

They have once been closed down for four years and now they were back operating again for nearly 1 year loh.

老火湯 (菜干湯) (with 紅棗,排骨) RM6: Lou for tong, keng ah! The soup was not saulty (like what other restaurants normally do). By having one sip of it, you'll be addicted. It's been cooked for long hours that every piece of choy kon turned extremly soft and easily melted in your mouth. Cantonese 老火湯 woh, you thought play-play one meh?! :) Somemore it costs RM6 only for such a big bowl oi.

金針蒸雞 (with 黑木耳,金針) RM10: This one was also special. It's a simple dish that in fact we cooked very often at home but seasoned with salt first. A 'healthy' dish with 'wine' aroma and kim zham cai taste, not salty oh.

羅漢齋 (RM6.00)

清炒菜心 (RM5.00)

RM32 in total including 4x rice and 1 pot tea.

I'll be back. Next time I must post with pictures liao!!