Friday, July 25, 2008


I would like to apologize if anyone of you didn't receive my follow ups/ responses / answers on your comments or questions as all this while I only checked Haloscan commenting system. The 'default' blogspot commenting system did not notify me and I may only notice there's a comment when going into "Edit Posts" page.

I only discovered the flaw in the template today(!)- a thing which I do not know how to solve lah.

The Haloscan appeared in my main page, individual post (sidebar) and archived posts (sidebar) BUT the default blogspot one co-exists at the individual post (side bar) when those ppl who 'google' some keywords and entered my particular post. It ended up I got two comment streams and my default blogspot comments channeled into individual post but not at main page nor archive post. Pening!

I have decided to sacrifice one. Permanently delete the default blogspot and maintain only the Haloscan.

Mind peace.