Saturday, July 26, 2008

My half homemade Tang Yuan

So happened the other day I saw the newspaper advertisement that Patani Road shop is selling the mooncake-sort-of paste.

So happened the other day Luan told me that the Perak Road Tang Yuan's price has increased to RM2.50. comes the making of my own soft-soft Tang Yuan.

1. Glutinous rice flour 500g (RM1.80) + black sesame paste (RM18.50)
2. Add water and knead.
3. Knead knead knead....
4. My niece also joined.
5. Middle stage of kneading.
6. Knead knead knead....
7. It becomes sticky. Continue to knead evenly.
8. Kneading done.
9. Put the black sesame paste.
10. Hide it up.
11. Round it up.
12. 10 pieces ready.

1. Throw into the water, add pandan leave.
2. Bring to boil.
3. The tang yuan will float when it's cooked.
4. Heat the soya milk up (RM1.80 for two packets).
5. Prepare to serve.
6. Serving done.

Look the same boh?! Taste the same boh?!

Yes lah! Yummy yummy!!! The glutinous part is even softer tim! By cooking ourselves, we can add as much soya bean milk as we wish. Hehe!

P/s : Black sesame paste is double the price of those red bean, lian yong and etc paste.

p/p/s: 500 grams of glutinous rice flour can make at least 40 pieces leh.