Friday, July 11, 2008

Yee Heong 宜香茶樓飯店 (part II)

Yee Heong, I have come loh !!! :)

The style is almost the same as 大東酒樓 (Tai Tong Restoran @ 45, Lebuh Cintra). No doubt at all, Tai Tong is good + big portion but Yee Heong dishes are MORE delicate.

椰香魚片 RM8.00 (coconut fish fillets)

This dish outshines Tai Tong. Once you tasted it, you should understand what does it mean by 'sense of delicacy' - !

腐乳雍菜 RM6.00 (kangkung with tao joo)

You can also see the chef's kungfu in presenting such a simple dish. Normally we ordered kangkung w/o sambal or chilli, so you will have to cook with either tao jiao, tao joo or cheng char .

Such a plain, mou fa san (in cantonese '花臣') dish also they could give you surprise, oh man! * Got kang hu (kungfu) ! Pui fuk pui fuk!*

蓮藕湯 RM4.00

Today only got this 老火湯. Again, it's not salty one oh. I missed the choy kon soup (菜干湯) leh. :)

Last posting (part I) about Yee Heong @ 宜香茶樓飯店 (Yee Heong) . round must kae si kae si go and see who the chef is liao!