Monday, July 07, 2008

Lady Star Purple Clay Pot (紫砂鍋) & Tong Shui

I really must introduce this purple sand pottery stew pot (紫砂鍋) oi! Korea technology punya. We have been using it for > 1 month.

It was an item given as free gift when buying Lady Star blender at pasar. That Lady Star blender also was super good but now I wanna talk about this purple clay pot lah. :) At PISA food exhibition the other day I also saw this purple clay pot and would like to buy. However, the answer given was "it's given as 'free gift' only when you buy this XXXX". *Curious leh....why har this super good quality item has to be the yi lai (二奶) of any other products leh? Hmm?! *

It's high in thermal efficiency, or in other words, much more efficient heat distribution, thus shortening the cooking time.

Here are some of the photos taken during trials.

Yi mai fu zhuk (薏米腐竹)

Pek bok ni (紅棗白木耳)

This is a A+++ 紅棗白木耳 which I didn't expect it would turn out to be so when first using it. Oooooooooh-so-nice!